Skydiving Aircraft

You know you would like to skydive-- but have you thought about the aircraft you intend to jump from? Even though it 'd be great to have every airplane available at every dropzone, the fact is accessibility varies.

So, let's look at the various aircraft that you'll have the ability to choose from.


If you're unsure what plane to jump from, dive from a Cessna. Produced in the early 1950s, this plane began its life in the USA, France, and Argentina. It is the most common skydiving aircraft used around the world. Have four or less in your skydiving gathering? The C182 will be the best size. You'll ascend to about 10,000 feet in about 20 minutes.


A second aircraft frequently used is the solo engine turbine powered jump plane called the Caravan. Completely average in every way, you 'd be forgiven for imagining the Caravan as a Mini Van. The Caravan is available in a multitude of styles, including both 675 horsepower and 850 horsepower options. These Caravan models are phenomenal since they can carry as many as 21 skydivers at one time. A large exit door means you'll have an easy dive.


Skydivers hop on the Otter so often it's come to be the most common twin engine jump plane there is. Your Otter will be powered by the mighty PT6A-27. It can take up to 23 skydivers up in the air and reaches heights, typically, of about 13,000 feet in about 13 minutes. If you're looking to do a group dive, you should take into consideration the Otter. Remember to take a few pictures of the attractive high wings.

All of these skydive planes can create an extraordinary experience for today's skydiver regardless of what your level of experience is or who exactly you plan to dive alongside. It's the best time to learn how to skydive!

It's the perfect time to learn to skydive!

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