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Skydiving is an electrifying sport that has captured the attention of people that are either anxiously standing by to try it for the first time or have been on their first ride already. Absolutely nothing compares with the sensation of leaping out of a plane that is two miles above the ground. If you are thinking about getting a skydiving journey, there is no more effective way to begin it than with Skydiving Baltimore. Let's take a look at the rich and fascinating history of skydiving to see how it developed throughout the years to become one of the most notable extreme sports.

The history of skydiving dates back to the 10th century when mens and women would use just about anything they could conceive of, including ordinary formations, in attempts at freefalls so as to have the rush of velocity and air as they launched toward the earth.

It was Leonardo Da Vinci in 1485, a highly acclaimed polymath, who first attempted the design of a wooden framed parachute in the shape of a pyramid in order to display the basic principle of drag. This design was later modified and implemented by Adrian Nicholas to make an impressive skydive.

Skydiving as a Sport

The sport of skydiving has a more recent start as observed in the late eighteenth century when Joseph Montgolfier, a France national brought meaning to the modern utilization of the parachute by assessing his equipment when he jumped from a hot air balloon.Throughout the same time period, another Frenchman by the name of Jacques Garnerin performed enjoyable stunts when he also skydived from a hot air balloons, he later on became the very first person to attempt traversing the English Channel in a hot air balloon. Women too were not outdone. Kathe Paulus set her mark in Germany when she became popular for her tactful abilities in skydiving.

Following the invention of the initial powered airplanes by the Wright Brothers, people were fascinated with the concept of leaping from speedier moving things, thereby making even more adventurous skydiving attempts. A gentleman called Grant Morton, seasoned career parachutist, was the first to be credited with a skydive from a Wright Model B aircraft over Venice Beach, California.

Following World War 2, the sport of skydiving came to be more of a conventional leisure activity. As a result of the popular use of parachuting in the military as a way for soldiers to get off an airplane covertly, a large number of members of the military started to develop an obsession and hence skydiving competitions were born.

Skydiving officially became a worldwide sport in 1951. It might appear as a revelation that up until the mid-1950s, skydiving was referred to as parachuting. Unmistakably, skydiving has come a long way, and the advancement of the parachute designs will proceed in an attempt to stay up to date with the changing trends of aeronautics and advanced technology.

Regardless if you are a seasoned skydiver or it's your first time to skydive, a tandem skydive with us will supply you with an unique, adrenaline-fuelled euphoria like nothing else. Right now, skydiving has become an extremely popular recreational activity among daredevils, enthusiasts, hobbyists as well as first-timers who typically aren't intimidated by heights. If you are nevertheless frightened of skydiving due to the fact that you think it's a dangerous sport, you may wish to think differently.

Out of over 2 million jumps that take place every year, it's actually only one percent that result in mortalities. You have very little to fret about when it pertains to safety, especially when you do a tandem jump with the aid of a licensed skydiving instructor. Certainly there is so much to love when it comes to skydiving. Stunning views, the adrenaline rush, remarkable experience, bragging rights, not to mention the plethora of adventure shots of you your friends will pour over enviably.

Only just recently, Google executive Alan Eustace broke the record set by Felix Baumgartner in 2012 by skydiving from 136,000 feet over the ground. It shows that people want to head to the furthest extremities for the love of the sport.

If you end up in need of something adventurous, why not start booking a Tandem skydive with Skydiving Baltimore. Contact us right now, your amazing skydiving adventure awaits.

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