Skydiving Baltimore Safety Procedures

First-time skydivers often ask, "how safe is skydiving really? Obviously there are risks involved, as you are leaping out of an airplane at over 10,000 feet. What happens if the canopy doesn't open? What happens if I forget what to do? Why do I always hear stories on the news of skydiving fatalities?

Permit us to relieve the fears you may be having about the activity, in the form of these frequently asked questions.

How safe is skydiving?

Skydiving security has become a common topic among those interested. But those seasoned skydivers are aware that skydiving has never been more safe. The gear used in skydiving is practically incapable of failure and thoroughly examined for safety. Coaches are highly trained and entailed to have many hours of jump time before they are allowed to teach someone else to skydive. The market has capitalized on the top quality experience from its employees. The United States Parachute Association has found out that out of an estimated 3 million jumps per year by skydiving fanatics, only about 30 have led to casualties.

What factors make some skydivers most likely to be susceptible?

If you're tense about your very first jump, the response to that question might make you feel more comfortable. It isn't the beginner who is more than likely to perish in a skydiving incident; as a matter of fact, there are a number of safeguards arranged to guarantee your safety. Surprisingly, it's actually the more knowledgeable divers who are at a higher risk of a horrible accident. Typically, these jumpers have the tendency to be presumptuous and therefore susceptible to errors.

What kind of safeguards are there to guarantee skydiving safety?

The main way we protect your safety during a dive is by allowing a trained instructor to dive with you. Tandem jumps guarantee that if you panic during your first jump, you have someone with you who can take control if you need it. For added safety, Baltimore Skydiving prefers to make sure our skydivers are covered by experts throughout their first jump, so we frequently use two instructors.

All jumpers are provided with a backup canopy in case their primary one does not open. And this reserve parachute has an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that reacts in case something occurs during your landing that you find yourself alone and unable to release your chute on your own.

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