A Skydiving Wedding

What do you think is more powerful-- walking down the aisle, or jumping out of a plane? Why not try both of these and figure it out with a skydiving wedding.

Here at Skydiving Baltimore, our team of skydiving specialists can help you in organizing an awesome, unbeatable skydiving-themed wedding ceremony, complete with everything you need to create wedding day memories that will last a lifetime.

Qualified professional photos, flowers for the bride, and a post-jump champagne toast-- it's all included into our skydiving wedding package.

Reveal your wedding day with friends and family through a customized video package and a webpage designed specifically for you.

What better way to begin your brand-new lifetime with your special someone than by experiencing the thrills of skydiving with each other?

On The Ground or Airborne - It's Up To You!

When it comes to saying 'I Do', you can personalize your skydiving wedding event by holding your nuptials on the ground before the jump, or taking your vows at 12,000 feet.

Imagine having your first kiss with the man or woman you really love the best on the planet, then jumping from a plane and skydiving to the ground as a married couple!

Have a mid-air skydiving elopement, or drift to the ground to greet your family and friends, the choice is yours. Anything you want, we’ll do our absolute best to get.

Give us a call right now and we'll take you and your partner up to 14,000 feet to get hitched.

Ever in your life thought about getting married at 12,000 feet? Then let's talk about a skydiving wedding.
Tie both ultimate adventures together-- skydiving and marriage-- with a skydiving wedding!