Skydiving Beginners

Here at Skydiving Baltimore, we take satisfaction in our ability to supply first time skydivers with absolute most safe, secure, and astonishing skydive experience possible in all of Maryland. We'll present you to a knowledgeable licensed instructor who will essentially take you on a full circle tour from the ground to the clouds and back again- delivering a magnificent start to your first time skydiving experience.

Here's what you will need to know about getting ready for, and enjoying, your initial skydive:

Prior to Leaving Home

Be ready to take several hours at the skydiving facility where you will have ample time to take a look around, take pics and watch other skydivers glides and touchdowns to get a far better feel for what you can expect.

Be sure to check your email and/or voicemail for weather updates - if the wind isn't desirable, your tandem skydive will certainly be re-scheduled at no cost to you.

Wear comfortable clothing (think blues jeans or yoga pants - no hoodies please), and be sure to wear closed-toed lace-up shoes like sneakers.

Once You Reach The Jump Zone

It is recommended that you show up in advance of your reserved dive time, this will afford you the opportunity to use the amenities and begin taking pictures to make mementos of your special day!

{At this point, you'll check in with the Tandem Professional and complete any essential documentation. As soon as that's carried out, you will be offered a tour of the skydiving facility.

Next off, you'll be outfitted with a specially-designed suit and your skydiving safety harness - this is when the real excitement starts to develop - it's almost time to start!

Your tandem skydiving trainer will supply you with a pre-flight rundown, explaining all elements of your jump, and making the effort to respond to any questions you might have. Here at Baltimore skydiving, we've partnered with instructors who focus on novice skydivers, so you know you're in great hands!

Making Flight

Once you've finished your safety instruction, it's time to board the airplane - your trainer will show you exactly where to be, and ways to remain safe throughout takeoff and throughout your climb.

Your pilot will guide the aircraft to the jump altitude - normally between 10,000 - 14,000 feet over the 'drop zone '. Take a look at those views!

It's almost go time, your instructor will signal that right now is the time to secure your harness to his/hers in preparation for your tandem skydive.

As soon as you are presented the all clear, you will depart the plane with your instructor. Keep in mind to breathe, and always keep your eyes wide!

At this point, you ought to be experiencing the heart pounding rush of adrenaline while you launch toward the ground at speeds at or exceeding 120 miles per hour for as much as 40 seconds.

When you get to an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet in the course of your freefall, your instructor will deploy the chute and you can basically just kick back and enjoy the breathtaking views while you gently coast for about 5 to 10 minutes back to the ground. If you're wanting to be extra brave, and with your instructor's permission, you may even get to try a mid-air flip or spin!

The dropzone should be clearly in sight now and your Tandem instructor will begin to guide you safely to the ground for a perfect landing.

Make your hope for becoming a high-flyer a possibility, call us to reserve your initial skydive right now!
Quit procrastinating and give us a call right now, we can help you to make your extraordinary skydiving journey come to life!