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Daily life doesn't need to be dull! Get up off the sofa and into the plane for your opportunity on the extreme thrill ride. There is not even an experience in this world that compares to the thrill you'll get jumping out of a plane during your parachuting adventure.

Chase away the doldrums and stop doing the same old boring things, day after day!

Come during the week or during the weekend, either way we're ready to teach you to conquer the skies!

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Skydiving Types

As soon as you have discovered how to skydive it is time for you to try a few of the other high-flying adventures. It goes without saying, there's more than one way to experience the all-natural high of flying through the sky!

Let our skydiving specialists show you where to go for your upcoming aerial adventure.

Here is a handful of the most popular alternatives to skydiving that you may wish to try out through Skydiving Baltimore.

Surf's Up!

Okay, so the wind is the water, but where is the surf board at over a mile and a half in the sky? Skysurfing combines the best of both traditional ocean surfing and skateboarding with skydiving, producing a revolutionary way to experience your next high-flying adventure.

Canopy Swooping

Also referred to as canopy piloting, canopy swooping is nearly as exhilarating to see as it is to literally experience.

Rotate between balanced flight and a precise plunge to experience the adrenaline of the Earth scooping you up; canopy swooping is among the best adrenaline rushes obtainable to the modern-day skydiver.

Free Fly

Pretend Super hero all you want in a freefly skydive. Your body is your equipment during freefly skydiving, it is up to you to maintain it and use your actions to create something wonderful before releasing the chute and drifting the remainder of the way downward.

Wingsuit Sky Diving

Wingsuit skydiving is the supreme headrush. You'll gear up in a specially-designed suit (also referred to as a 'squirrel suit') that delivers a combination of skydiving and hang gliding, transforming your body into one big wind resistant wing.

{Always dreamed about taking flight? Wingsuit diving is the solution. Call us now for more information.|Contact us today to schedule your upcoming skydive!

Why Choose Us?

Skydiving is an experience in which safety is a top concern. The activity has become exponentially more secure over the years as companies must adhere to strict regulations concerning equipment and training. We understand that selecting an ideal company for your skydiving experience may feel like a daunting task You want a provider that guarantees a good time while maintaining the highest safety ranking available. Skydiving Baltimore is the biggest group of parachuting affiliates in the Nation. We can hook you up with enthusiastic and skilled instructors that will supply you with the assistance you require to emerge as a successful skydiver.


Don't hesitate to call us at Skydiving Baltimore to schedule for an exciting experience. We offer tandem and freefall packages for all experience levels. Reservations are valid for two years after purchase and dives can be rescheduled in the event of severe weather. Although we don't give refunds, we enable our clients to transition the opportunity to somebody else.

Skydiving Baltimore is a member of USPA and only allows instructors certified by the USPA to participate in your your skydiving experience. Make the choice to schedule your next skydive jump with us. You'll be thrilled you did!

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Skydiving Baltimore

At Skydiving Baltimore, we specialize in providing first timers with a safe, exhilarating and unforgettable skydiving adventure. We'll connect you with a skilled skydiving coach who will take you from the ground to the air only to come racing back down again... Offering you a thrilling introduction to the addictive sport of freefall skydiving!

We've put together a checklist of a handful of things you might do to get ready for your first skydive...




Jump from 2.6 miles
Freefall for 60 sec

Heart Rate


Jump from 1.8 miles
Freefall for 30 to 35 sec

Heart Rate


You'll get pointed in the right direction to get you started with skydiving services located near you.